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About the author (and how SeeBlock came about)
Celso Rodrigues is a senior design architect who has been working with AutoCAD for several decades.
He is Managing Partner of Planarq Architecture - formally Celso Rodrigues Associated Architects Ltd. - an architecture firm specializing in large scale condominium residences, retail, commercial and institucional buildings.
The company was founded in 1989 and is based in Campinas, Brazil.
Along his practice as architect, Celso has acquired large experience in customizing AutoCAD to increase the productivity of his office.
In this direction, he realised that although there are several DWG block manager programs around, the available applications, though some are very fine, did not do quite what he needed. There was always a feature missing or an interface quirk.
Thus Celso has invested years developing a software that meets his needs and, at the same time, has the flexibility for general use.

So here is SeeBlock, a professional and featureful DWG block manager that was designed for personal and enterprise use and is suitable for heavy-duty block management.