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Hardware ID
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$49.00 USD
The license is lifetime and includes all minor version updates.
Includes technical support by email.
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Secure ordering by FastSpring
During the purchasing process you will be asked about the Hardware ID code that uniquely identifies your computer.

So before buying a license please download and install SeeBlock on the computer you actually wish to activate. Next, run SeeBlock and go to >Help>Register>Order Key in order to find the Hardware ID and copy it to clipboard.

Following the steps as indicated above will allow you to complete the secure purchase from the application itself, if you wish, redirecting you to our
e-commerce partner FastSpring Store. In this case the Hardware ID will be pre-filled in the order form.


SeeBlock Tech Edition allows license transfer. You can request to deactivate the license for your current computer in order to activate a new computer at no extra charge.
SeeBlock version 4
Tech Edition
For AutoCAD 2012 and up - not for LT
Securely Purchase SeeBlock
with the help of our e-commerce resseler:
* Please see the notes at the right for
  information about the "Hardware ID"
Before purchasing a license, please download and install a fully functional 30 day trial version of SeeBlock. You are welcome to evaluate the program to ensure it performs the tasks you require. If you liked the program, you may order a license to continue using it.
The license registers the software on your computer, unlocking and activating the evaluation version.
No reinstall is required.