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Version 4 History
New:       Added support for AutoCAD® Autodesk® 2020.
New:       Minor adjustments to improve usability.
Fixes:      Fixed bug that on some systems was causing random changes of Hardware_ID and invalidating reading of  
              the license.
Fixes:      Fixed bug that was causing error when the user tried to update a thumbnail image.
Fixes:      Fixed bug that in network mode prevented SeeBlock restart if it lost the connection to the server.

New:       Added support for AutoCAD® Autodesk® 2019.

Fixes:      Minor bug fixes.

New:       Added support for AutoCAD® Autodesk® 2018.

New:       Several important adjustments to improve usability and reliability.
New:       Memorizes de last value chosen for the "Insertion Angle" preset.
New:       Retains the status of the "Explode Upon Insertion" toggle over drawing session.
New:       Allows user to Turn On an alert that warns whenever a block is exploded after insertion.
New:       Reports which computer in the network is causing conflict in case of concurrent attempt to edit data.
New:       Allows to choose a block from the drawing to catalog it through "Select From Screen" function.
New:       Insertion function "Pick" now uses individual  x, y, z scales from the selected block.


New:        Added network connection check function.
Enhanced: Consolidation process now copies the license file to the new database address.
Revised:    Prevents SB dialogue boxes to be overlaped by AutoCAD text screen.
Fixes:       Fixed bug which prevents checking for updates.
Fixes:       Fixed bug that causes error when user changes from Standalone mode to Network mode.

New:       Added support for AutoCAD® Autodesk® 2017.
Fixes:      Minor bug fixes.


Fixes:       Fixed bug in the index system which can cause malfunction of the search tool.


Enhanced: Search engine is much more improved in this version. Added support for multiple keywords/phrases and
               support for wildcard characters.


Fixes:       Fixed bug that causes error if the computer is connected to the corporate domain.
Fixes:       Fixed bug which prevent user enter scale factor value minor than 1 in pre-settings.


Released SeeBlock Tech Edition - compatible with AutoCAD 2012 and newer.
New:        Tech Edition uses Unified License System which allows to transfer a license to another computer.
Enhanced: Optmized for more recent versions of AutoCAD.
Fixes:       Minor bug fixes.

Version 3 History

Fixes:       Fixes bug which prevent user enter scale factor value smaller than 1 in pre-settings.
Fixes:       Minor bug fixes.


SeeBlock Standard Edition compatibility is now limited to AutoCAD 2011 and earlier.
               Newer AutoCAD versions need SeeBlock Tech Edition.
Fixes:       Fixed bug which in some non-English versions of AutoCAD causes error in batch processing.
Fixes:       Fixed bug which causes residual layes are not erased after cataloging process.


New:        Added support for AutoCAD® Autodesk® 2016.
New:        Allows access to the database for network users whose level permission on MS-Windows is Read-Only.
Fixes:       Fixed bug which in some newer AutoCAD versions causes 'Cancel command' freezes the SeeBlock processing.


Fixes:       Fixed bug on activating the software.
Fixes:       Minor bug fixes.

New:        Activation key is no longer related to the version of the program.
New:        By activating the software, the computer validation is being online. 
Fixes:       Minor bug fixes.

Enhanced: Trace log file.

Enhanced: Better protection of the database in order to improve reability on networking.
New:        Added trace log file.

Revised:   Instalation and registration module.
Fixes:      Minor bug fixes.

New:        SeeBlock becomes a try&buy product.
New:        Added support for AutoCAD® Autodesk® 2015.
New:        Added function for automatic data backup.
New:        Added support for dynamic annotative blocks.
Enhanced: Connection to the network can be done by entering the server name.
Enhanced: Added filter to avoid repeated names on categories.
Fixes:       Fixed bug which in some systems causes SeeBlock does not start if a drawing is opened from a drive letter
               different than the installation drive letter.
Fixes:       Fixed bug on preset options.

Fixes:       Fixed bug which in some AutoCAD versions causes 'Automatic Updates' function does not work properly.

New:        'Automatic Update' feature.
New:        'Mensager' feature.
New:        Defines user status as Manager on instalation.
Enhanced: Consolidation tool.
Enhanced: Dialog boxes.
Fixes:       Minor bug fixes.

Initial commercial release.